perfect cosplay


perfect cosplay


instead of “bro” just say “onii-chan”

you’re looking fucking jacked, onii-chan


Bubbles you little shit



Actual Nintendo Senior Marketing Manager, Bill Trinen

Does anyone serious work at Nintendo


I finally finished a solo match on ME3 :3


Granted it was only bronze, but I’m so happy :3
I did it with my level 19 Alliance Infiltration Unit that I named Sanse (like Sansa) on Thessia in the Firebase Goddess location against Cerberus and it was so stressful. ^_^
Now I just need to work on silver!

What format? I’m looking for teammates! ^-^

Also, congrats! c:

Bioshock Infinite - Sea of Doors

Bioshock Infinite - Sea of Doors

Hey sorry if I removed you on Xbox it's just I forgot who you were (sorry) cause I add people from Instagram and tumblr and some barely talk to me and such. But when I add you sometimes I might not talk a lot cause I'm a little shy around new people. So yeah

It’s alright, no need to worry about it. I’m the same! I’ll add you when I’m next online and we’ll play some Borderlands and stuff. :)

Later do you wanna play borderlands? I have some legendary weapons on those two accounts but they're all level 50

Sure thing, what’s your GT? I’ll add you and we can play. What level stuff are you after? Just so I know what to look for. 

If you were BodySnatch something-something, I think I had you but you removed me for whatever reason. c: my GT is iX RaZcaL iX